Our Story

Where it all began……….

SeaCider was born from the meeting of two amateur cider-makers in a pub in Brighton, Sussex. After a few pints and sharing their love of creating cider at home they decided that they would create cider on a more commercial level.

The idea behind ‘SeaCider’ was to produce something unique in style, moving away from the over sweet or over dry ciders you often see in pubs around the country. They wanted to appeal to a new generation of drinkers who were educated in the world of craft cider and were looking for a small batch quality product.

After deciding to make an Eastern County style cider using a blend of cooking and sweet dessert apples, seven tons of hand picked, south-eastern apples were delivered to them and they got to work. With a borrowed kit, a couple of mates, enthusiasm and some very loud music, they hand sorted, hand crushed and hand pressed all seven tons of the apples into a great tasting well balanced apple juice.

They then added some yeast and waited. After the juice had fermented they blended different levels of Gala Apple juice to create three distinctive Ciders.

Medium 4.6% - A cider with plenty of apple flavour and a bit of a twang.

Medium Dry 5.8% - A cider with a fruity flourish leading to a dry finish.

Hardcore 7.3% - A traditional style punchy cider with wine-like flavours and a sharp, dry finish.

After the initial success of the Apple Ciders, they then added some fruit to the Medium and this resulted in Black Cherry and Strawberry infused Ciders. They now have at least 8 more flavours in the range and are constantly experimenting with new fruits and flavours.

From small seeds, large apple trees grow…..

SeaCider has outgrown anything they could have hoped for. The first batch, which was thought to last the year, sold out in eight weeks. No real marketing had been undertaken, just word of mouth.

Sussex and London have been the main consumers up to now but they have branched out and found Partners who are equally passionate about the product to distribute the Cider around the UK.

The Year Ahead…..

SeaCider has now moved into a new Cider-House just outside Brighton and has the capacity to produce just over a million pints a year. The apples have been sourced from various farms across Sussex and Kent and around 200 tons have been cold stored to keep them in good condition. All of these apples have been rejected from the supermarket chains for being the wrong colour, size or shape. They are very proud to use apples that would otherwise go to waste.

A Big Thankyou from the SeaCider Team…..

‘We would finally like to thank all the consumers and ‘Publicans’ who have supported us over the last two or three years to get ‘SeaCider’ out to pubs in every corner of the UK. We are still very small and take real pride in creating a fantastic product from local ingredients. We will always strive to make the best Cider we can and in turn give the public the best cider out there!'