Our Story

Where it all began……….

SeaCider was founded by Mark Francis who started out as a Brewer in Brighton, Sussex. Mark would constantly be touring Sussex delivering his beer to pubs and driving around the local countryside. He soon noticed an abundance of apple orchards that were not harvested and left unloved. He also noticed that many pubs did not stock local cider and there didn't seem to be many cider-makers left in Sussex.

After devouring every book he could find on cider-making and gathering up as many local apples as he could, he tentatively started to make cider and began selling it to pubs alongside his beer. After a lot of trial and error, Mark soon became as dedicated to making cider as he did beer.

Almost straight away pubs began to stock 'Seacider' and Mark had to make the hard decision to concentrate all his efforts on making cider to keep up with the demand and leave the beer behind. Since then he hasn't looked back and now is very proud to be the largest Cider-maker in Sussex. 

At first there were three varying strengths of 'Seacider' but soon Mark realised just what he could do by infusing natural fruit juices into the cider. There seemed no bounds on what he could make and at present he has made over 20 different fruit Ciders. These have ranged from Strawberry and Marmalade to Bakewell Tart and Lemon Meringue Pie.

The Year Ahead…..

SeaCider has now moved into a new Cider-House just outside Brighton and has the capacity to produce just over a million pints a year. The apples have been sourced from various farms across Sussex and Kent and around 300 tons have been cold stored to keep them in good condition. All of these apples have been rejected from the supermarket chains for being the wrong colour, size or shape.

A Big Thank you from the SeaCider Team…..

‘We would finally like to thank all the consumers, publicans and distributors who have supported us over the last three years to get ‘SeaCider’ out into pubs in every corner of the UK. We are still very small and take real pride in creating a fantastic product from local ingredients. We will always strive to make the best Cider we can and in turn give the public the best cider there is.'