UK Flavoured Cider

Seacider is from the sunny coast of Southern England. Launched in the city of Brighton 2015, Seacider is now a well-known cider drink served throughout the UK.

At first there were three varying strengths of 'Seacider' but we soon realised just what we could do by infusing natural fruit juices into the cider. At present, we have made over 20 different fruit flavoured Ciders. These range from Strawberry and Marmalade to Bakewell Tart and Lemon Meringue Pie.

Delicious Flavoured English Cider.

Our apples have been sourced from various farms across Southern England . All of these apples have been rejected from the supermarket chains for being the wrong colour, size or shape.

Quality Assurance
SeaCider craft cider is closely monitored, from the sourcing of the apples to the packaging of the products. Each batch is carefully tasted before it is packaged to make the sure the cider is of the highest standard.

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